Manado as “new Bali”

WISATA GORONTALO – Although manado is not included from 10 New Bali from the government’s point of view, the current number of foreign tourists has reached over 40,000 people in 2016 ago. This achievement certainly can not be separated from the courage of some airlines to hold direct flights from China to Manado.

In the year 2017, several flights began to open new routes direct flights from South Korea to Manado. The potential number of tourists who continue to increase in Manado should be taken seriously by the perpetrators of tourism around this area. And one of the favored areas is Gorontalo province, especially Saronde island.

Currently we have built cooperation with hotels and travel in Manado, to receive Chinese tourists visit to Saronde. There are already 4-5 foreign tourist trips in Mando to Saronde. We continue to strive that in 2017 we can attract at least 2% of the number of foreign tourists in Manado, to be able to visit Saronde.

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