YACHT INDONESIA NORTHERN ROUTE – Now we want to share about yacht northern route of Indonesia/ Sulawesi. This route start from Tawau Malaysia and ends at Raja Ampat Papua. Between these lines, you probably want to check few interesting check point as explained on below map.

Yacht Indonesia Northern Route

Nunukan & Tarakan. This is a very important entry point for any yachters, to get your permit to enter Indonesian waters. You can report here, Or in Tarakan Port. Please go to the immigration office at this port, and report there to get your permit. Information about getting your permit can be find here (https://saronde.com/2017/10/07/yacht-indonesia-guide-book/).

This area famous for its crab product. So if you want to hangout and get some crab… this is the best place to be.

Derawan/ Maratua/ Kakaban/ Sangalaki. These area is one of the most beautiful dive/ snorkling area in Indonesia. You don’t want to miss it. Derawan is the most dense populated area around those islands. You can find more local house, government facility and cheaper acommodation there. Maratua is the most visited island specially for foreign tourist. It has a very beautiful beaches, and a lot of dive spots. Kakaban and Sangalaki is famous for its Non Stinging Jelly Fish, Manta Ray, and Turtles. You can spent a lot of joy dive time here. More yachters information about Derawan Islands region can be find here (https://yachtcamomile.co.uk/tag/derawan-islands/).

Toli-Toli. This city has a very long history. You can buy supplies, gasoline, and find boat repairman in this city. It has hospital, moderate market, and good place to anchorage there. You will find very few tourism place in this area. Please open this link to find more about Toli-toli for Yachters (http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Indonesia/tolitoli).

Saronde/ Kwandang. We’re located here… J and can tell more story about this area. Saronde Islands (Saronde, Bogisa & Mohinggito) is one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. They close each other (300-500m) and has a lot of unique things around it, from super white sand beach, blue chrystal clear water, interesting sea creature (turtle, dugong, whale shark, cassis cornuta, etc). Just click saronde.com to find more information.

You can anchorage your yacht in Mohinggito Island (next to Saronde Island), OR next to Kwandang Port. These two area is close each other (8 km between). You can buy supplies, gasoline, boat repairman, marine engine parts/ repair, electrical repair shop, etc. Kwandang has a big hospital and International Airport 1 hour from it.

Please email Mrs Mia Amalia (s4ronde@gmail.com) or sms her (+62 81310009094) if you need any assistance about anchorage in Saronde/ Kwandang Port.

Manado. This is the biggest City in Northern Indonesia. You can find a lot interesting place around it, like Bunaken Marine Conservation, Gangga/ Lihaga Island, Linow Lake in Tomoho, very big shopping mall, and a lot of restaurant. You can buy almost anything here. This city is only 1 hour from Bitung International Port, had a very big hospital, and International Airport (2x per week to Singapore, 8x per week to 8 big cities in China, everyday flight to Jakarta and Bali). Manado Marine Port is quite big (not as Big as Bitung Port), they renovate this port in the past 2 years, and its convenient for docking/ anchorage.

Please open this link to find more about Manado for Yachters (http://crowesadventure.blogspot.co.id/2014/12/manado-sulawesi.html)

Bitung Port. This is the biggest International Port in Northern Indonesia. You can find major marine parts supplier, marine workshop, and ship factory here. It has Immigration office and one of the yacht check point in Indonesia. Eventhough Bitung is known for its Marine and Fishery Industry, you can find a very good dive spot on Bitung Lembeh Strait. As we told before, Bitung and Manado is close to each other (1 hour car drive).

Please open this link to find more about Bitung for Yachters (http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Indonesia/Bitung). 

Morotai. Known as Allied main based in WW2, Morotai filled with a lot of history all around it. General McArthur used ZumZum Island as his homebased, and you can find a lot of WW2 artifacts around the island. Dodola Island is the most beautiful and famous island in Morotai, you wouldn’t miss it.

Please open this link to find more about Morotai for Yachters (http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Indonesia/morotai)

Raja Ampat. The biggest city around is Sorong. You can find Immigration office there (yacht check point), medium hospital, and big airport. Raja Ampat consist of many islands, scattered before Sorong city. This area is famous as the best dive spot all around Indonesia with its high marine species diversity and a very concentrated marine life population. Raja Ampat probably will be you final yacht destination before you ended your yacht trip at this Indonesian Yacht Northern Route.

You can find a lot of articles wrote about Raja Ampat, few of them can be found here :

http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Indonesia/raja-ampat-islands https://theculturetrip.com/asia/indonesia/articles/a-budget-guide-to-raja-ampat/ https://www.ultimate-indonesian-yachts.com/destinations/indonesia/raja-ampat/

RajaAmpat Papua

Well…. That’s our brief information about Yacht Indonesia Northern Route. We will update this article every 3 months to add more information about it. Please make your plan earlier, and have a fun yachting in Northern Indonesia.

Smilee……. (by Team Saronde)

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