SARONDE ISLAND, has a lot of marine activity around it. From Sea Snorkeling, Diving, Island Hopping, Mangrove trip, Portuguese Fortress visit, Fishing Trips and many others.


There are 7-10 Snorkeling spots around the islands. Two of them is reach-able from the shore. Snorkeling site is superb, with many corals and colourful fish. Most of the spots is convinience for kids and older people, since it has a very low tide and water current.


For experienced diver, we had many good diving spot. Two of them is reach-able from the shore. For extreme divers, we recommend to dive 30 minutes off Saronde Island and enter Raja island water. These dive reef had a lot of extraordinary fish, including Napoleon, whale shark, and others.

Islands Hopping

There are 3 islands lies on Saronde Island. Island hopping is a must activity that only takes 10 minutes between any island. Bogisa had a very long white beach. While Mohinggito island had a very calm blue-ish gulf.

Mangrove Trip & Portuguese Fortress

There is a large Old Portuguese Fort near Saronde Island. We call it Orange Fortress. This fortress was built between 15-16 centuries by Portuguese to resist Philipine pirates. Orange Fortress is the biggest fortress in South Sulawesi, with 3 bastion and 500m2 internal open spaces. From Saronde Island, we can visit this fortress using speedboat while cruising between mangrove forest. Cruising between these mangrove give a very unique experience for every tourist.

Fish Feeding & Turtle Release

Kids can feeds fish around Saronde Island harbour. If you get lucky, you will see a whale shark playing under the harbour and waiting to be fed. We had baby turtle also, to be released by guess to the sea.

Fishing Trip

Special local fisherman can bring you with his boat to have a very exciting fishing trip, 30 minutes off the island. For 1500k and maximum 4 hours activity, we guarantee you will get at least 30 fish in every trip. You can bring your family together with you to know the joy of fishing.