SARONDE ISLAND is only 200 km from MANADO – South Sulawesi.  You should take airplane from MANADO/ JAKARTA/ BALI to GORONTALO Province – Indonesia.


1st Option     : MANADO – Gorontalo (0.5 hour, $30)

2nd Option   : JAKARTA/ Surabaya – Makassar – Gorontalo (4 hours, $70)

3rd Option    : BALI – Makassar – Gorontalo (3 hours, $70)

After landing at Gorontalo Airport, you should continue your journey :

BY TAXI to Kwandang Port : it takes 40 minutes from Gorontalo Airport to Kwandang Port

BY BOAT to Saronde Island : It takes 7 minutes from Kwandang Port to Saronde Island by speedboat

To ease your booking, you can call us to arranged airport pick up and boat service to the Island.

FOR China Tourist, you can go from MACAU, SHENZEN, CHONGQING, WUHAN, SHANGHAI & CHANGSA using LION AIR (direct) to MANADO – INDONESIA. From there, you can take 30 minutes flights to GORONTALO.

FOR International Tourist, you can go from SINGAPORE to MANADO, or JAKARTA to GORONTALO. You can also departure from BALI-MAKASSAR-GORONTALO.