Special Event

SARONDE ISLAND can be your place to gather a company meeting, any ceremonies to accept special guess, wedding ceremonies… and any other special event

Corporate Gathering & Team Building

You can booked the entire island for your Corporate gathering. With no other places to go, your team building goal will be very effective indeed. Doing any team building activities is very easy, just bring your own team building coach here to do the job. Saronde is probably the number one destination for team building activity in Gorontalo right now.

Birthday Party/ Family Gathering

Make a memorable birthday party/ family gathering to all your friends and family in Saronde Island. Have a fire works at night, dancing, singing and do anything you want on that day. Bring all your kids, grandkids, nephew and everybody in the family to have beach dinner and enjoy Saronde’s magnificent sunset.

Couple Honeymoon

Love is in the Saronde Air everyday. Bring your couple and enjoy Saronde Island paradise for 2-3 nights before heading back to your daily schedule. We’ll make sure you’ll had a very romantic moment while staying in this paradise.